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Outstanding Hypnosis Products for Home Use

Jason Linett has combined strong hypnotic techniques along with the most contemporary methods to bring you the best in home hypnotic services.

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The Resistance-Free Weight Loss System

Being overweight is difficult. It down right stinks! If you are feeling uncomfortable about your weight, then this information will help you. I guarantee it.

This multiple-compent program includes the guidebook and six CDs to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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Hypnosis Revealed: A Complete Guide to Hypnosis

Hypnosis Revealed
A Complete Guide to Hypnosis
$29.97 $24.97

Learn all about this powerful tool in simple, easy to understand language. In addition, you will learn how to program yourself to acheive your goals for higher personal and professional satisfaction.

Softcover Book - 146 Pages


Home Audio Programs

Direct suggestion CDs are an excellent way to make the changes you desire.  For a one time investment, you are purchasing a number of personalized hypnotic sessions.

Select from the following titles:

The Five Steps of Self Hypnosis
$49.97 $34.97

Self hypnosis is fun and easy to learn with this extended program. Jason Linett provides a five-step formula to accomplish your goals with hypnosis. Includes bonus hypnosis music track!

Double Length Audio CD



Lose Weight and Feel Great!
$29.97 $24.97

You too can learn how to lose weight without going hungry with this program! Take control of your weight. Even if diets and efforts have failed, now you can lose the weight you want and keep it off.

Audio CD



Stop Smoking!
$29.97 $24.97

Finally, a program for those who have tried to quit smoking and failed! This is program helps become a non-smoker, eliminate urges, and reprogram yourself to become 100% of tobacco, permanently.

Audio CD



The Stress Management Program
$29.97 $24.97

Stress can take a serious effect on workers, organizations, and personal life. This program allows you to immediately dissolve stress, and provides a tool to handle stress healthily!

Audio CD



Memory and Concentration Improvement
$29.97 $24.97

A program for those who want to improve their concentration and memory. Jason Linett's program provides steps to improve memory, remember names, and feel good about your mental abilities.

Audio CD



Unlimited Confidence!
$29.97 $24.97

Unleash your full potential by learning how to utilize the power within. Increase personal satisfaction and career success faster when you boost your confidence and self-esteem!

Audio CD


Increase Energy and Banish Insomnia!
$29.97 $24.97

Improve your energy level and sleep well. This program guides the listener into a natural sleep to awake feeling refreshed and full of energy. Eliminate sleeping pills and sleep well!

Audio CD



Improve Your Golf Game
$29.97 $24.97

Hypnosis is a recognized tool for sports improvement, and this program is designed to help dissolve distractions, replicate your best shots, and lower golf scores. Great for all experience levels.

Audio CD


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